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January 01, 2012 (10 years ago)
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Our story begins with three adventure seeking, life loving, dream chasers with an idea.

With a few good laughs, a ton of late nights, and a dare-to-be-great attitude, that idea bloomed into the most energy efficient light bulb in the world. An origami art looking crosshatch between science fiction and avant-garde, with just the right mix of design and technology. We totally geeked out about it. It was a cool idea — a product that does some good to the world and looks good doing it. So we decided to build on it.

Today, we are a group of fun, intelligent thinkers, believers, introverts, extroverts, creatives, and doers. We come from diverse backgrounds and have vastly different career and life experiences. From suits and flip-clops, to yoga pants and stilettos, we are a family of different personalities with different ideas, driven by a common passion — to make cool looking stuff that would do our planet some good, essentially, stuff that we can feel good about making, and you can feel good about using.