Stack Lighting (iOS App)

25 reviews
Stack Lighting Stack Lighting
Gateway / Hub: Closed Ecosystem
Light Bulb: White Light
Light Bulb: White Light
Stack Downlight Starter Kit Stack Downlight Starter Kit
Gateway / Hub: Closed Ecosystem
Light Bulb: White Light
Sensor: Light
Sensor: Motion

25 reviews
Stack Lighting BR30 Downlight (White Light) Stack Lighting BR30 Downlight (White Light)
Light Bulb: White Light
Sensor: Light
Sensor: Motion

10 reviews
At Stack, we believe in making products that enhance your life by maximizing comfort and efficiency in a simple, seamless way that just works.  

Use the Stack app to set up your light bulbs by room, control your lights’ brightness and color, change the mood of your room, set alarms and schedules, and more. It’s all in the app and at your fingertips.

Lights that Learn
Stack bulbs will learn from their environment with integrated sensors in order to dim to the appropriate level of light and adjust their color temperature in line with your body’s circadian rhythm. As you adjust your lights, the lights will also learn from your inputs, resulting in always-perfect lighting.

Set the Mood
Want to relax at the end of a long day? Need to focus on that last-minute project? Change your lighting to suit your mood with just a couple taps of your smartphone. Take advantage of our preset moods, or manually change your brightness and color by room.

Wake Up Energized
No need for the snooze button – your Stack lights will wake you up gradually and mimic the sun in order to get your day started with you feeling your best.

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Stack Labs, Inc
Mar 27, 2017
73.1 MB
English, Portuguese
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


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